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Fatores que prejudicam sua pele

Factors that affect your skin

Our skin is sensitive and always needs extra care, there are several factors that can help affect it, know the main

Sun is the villain, because it stimulates the destruction of collagen, protein that provides support and elasticity to the skin, hair and nails ...

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Protetor Solar!


Who thinks that the winter is not necessary to use sunscreen, you’re wrong. During this season there is actually reducing the incidence of ultraviolet rays (UVB), which are the main cause of skin cancer. But UVA has power of penetration into the skin ...

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Cuidado com as manchas de pele!

Watch out for patches of skin!

You know those little spots that appear on our skin? Then they can come from several factors such as pregnancy, hair, insects and the sun, one of the major contributors. In the table below the Wellness program, you can verify the classification of six types ...

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